Jul 12, 2013

Keane's Quotables

A particularly ridonkulous conversation which took place in the middle of the night while I was nursing Liv. It started with a jab to Keane's ribs to inform him of his snoring.

Me: ::jab::

Me: ::jab jab::

Him: What?! What the hell was that?!

Me: It was me. You're snoring.

Him: Mmmm like a Ferrari. (I mean....who even is this person!)

::crickets while trying to contain my laughter::

Me: Oooookay... well can you roll over?

Him: Yeah, sure, you got it.

::Meanwhile, he remains in the same position and continues to snore::

Me: KEANE! ROLL OVER! ::simultaneous kick to the leg::

Him: Oh yeah, sorry.

He's lucky he's cute. 


  1. Danielle PettigrewAugust 3, 2013 at 7:16 AM

    My husband dose the exact same t hing! lol except ill ask him like 5 times. before he actually moves. ha BTW Love your blog! just stumbled upon it, we are also expecting our first child in January, so i will defiantly be a steady reader. lol keep up the amazing work! ;)

    1. Welcome Danielle! Thanks for reading and congrats on your babe!


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