Aug 1, 2013

Keane's Quotables

There are two things I've come to know as true in our household. 

1) I like reality television. a lot. (There I said it.)

2) Keane likes to make unnecessary remarks while I'm watching said reality television. a lot. 

Normally it infuriates me because I can't hear what Teresa is yelling at Joe about when Keane is in my ear claiming it all to be garbage. But sometimes it makes me think about important life lessons, like the other night.  

Exhibit A:

It happened while Brooks was slowly and painstakingly breaking up with Des on the Bachelorette (SPOILER ALERT: Brooks slowly and painstakingly breaks up with Des on the Bachelorette). Keane appeared next to me with a truly insightful remark.

"You know, you can't sugarcoat a turd. You just have to drop it and let it stink."

And it got me really can't sugarcoat a turd, can you? Sometimes you have to say hard things out loud and honesty is (usually) always the best policy, even when the news stinks. Profound, right? I thought so too. 

Well said, my love. Well said. 

and just because I can't help myself... 

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