Aug 6, 2013

This little job of mine

You know when you finally land that job that you just know you were meant to do? When everything falls into place and you feel complete? That's how I feel about being a mother. Everyday I find myself taking a step back and looking at this life of mine in awe. My heart feels more full than it ever has before. I always knew this was my purpose, it was just a matter of time until I could fulfill it. 

Not that it's easy or always (ever?) glamourous, but I go to bed each night feeling grateful for my role in our family, and wake up each morning excited to do it all again. 

So to that handsome husband of mine: thank you, thank you, thank you for working so hard to make it possible for your girls to spend their days together. Being a stay-at-home-mom to Liv is the most meaningful job I have ever known. 


  1. Awesome !!! Beautiful pictures as always :)

  2. What a lovely picture - it really is the most amazing job isn't it?

    I would love to see you at the The Friday Baby Shower ... the link party for bump + baby posts, Alice @ Mums Make Lists


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