Sep 23, 2013

5 months

13lbs 8oz, 26 in
Here's what's new from the past month:

Coughing. Liv learned how to fake cough and does it all the time now. I cough back at her and she gives me the biggest grin.

Front-facing in the stroller. We no longer use the car seat in her stroller. Instead, she rides in front like a big girl and loves seeing the world from a new perspective.

First time wearing shoes. Purely for the cuteness factor because baby moccs are the sweetest.

Rolling from tummy to back with intention. She figured it out!

Sitting up on her own. There is so much freedom in this. She now happily sits in front of her toy basket and pulls things out to play with and suck on without constant aid from me.

Sleeping in her own room. She transitioned to her crib at nights very easily. I thought I would have a harder time with it but I feel so relaxed knowing we're all sleeping more peacefully. Since Liv is such a light sleeper, Keane and I were always tip-toeing around our bedroom trying not to wake her. I also read every night before bed and instead of turning the light on, I was having to strain to see the pages by a tiny clip-on night light so I didn't disturb her sleep. Now that she is in her own room, Keane brings her to me when she needs to nurse and goes back to sleep while I feed her in bed. When she's done, I walk her back to her room and she goes down without any problems. I'm so glad to have our own separate spaces and I think she is too.

Speaking of sleep...she slept for...wait for it...7.5 hours STRAIGHT one night this month! It was a fluke occurrence which hasn't happened since but I'm still singing her praises because now I know she can do it! Woop Woop! Keane was so worried and kept waking me up to see if we should go check on her. I, on the other hand, was not remotely concerned and gave him the side eye, don't you even dare go in that room to check on her or you'll wake her up, glare and rolled over to go back to sleep.

Still no spit up. Do I just have an anomaly on my hands or do other people's babies never spit up either? I mean, I'm not complaining because I have yet to need burp cloths or figure out how to get yellow spit up stains out of her clothes, but is this normal?! Whatever, I'll take it.

And the biggest accomplishment of all... army crawling. To be fair, she started this just a few days after turning 5 months. We realized she could do it if she wanted something bad enough, namely our phones or the television remotes. I am so amazed by how physical and strong she is at such a young age, but the realization is setting in that I can't ever take my eyes off her again. She's keeping me on my toes, this one.


  1. Cute! And my daughter is 13 months old and she NEVER spit up. Not only that, but when she started teething everyone said, "Oh just you wait and see how much she will drool!" and yet she NEVER drooled!! (And still doesn't...) It must just be some kids are much more spit-upy/drooly than others!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    That is one lovely picture you have. :) Speaking of teething - did you get teething rails for your cot?


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