Sep 2, 2013

Rained Out

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! The Hubbin took last Friday off from work so our long weekend was extra long which was a real treat. I love me some family time.

We decided to bust out of our city for the day to spend some time in the mountains. After packing up the babe and the dogs, we hit the road to Evergreen. We were ready for lunch by the time we got there so we found a cute little place by the river and had a burger. A storm moved in as we were finishing our food and by the time we drove to our favorite hiking spot, we were in the middle of a torrential downpour complete with thunder and lightening.  

We tried to wait it out since we had driven all that way but it soon became clear the storm wasn't going to pass. Daphne, our furry first born, is terrified of loud noises (thunder and fireworks are the bane of her existence) so she was shaking and panting in the back seat while we watched the rain fall and had an impromptu photo session with this bald cutie.

After the rain finally stopped, the temperature dropped into the fifties. Keane prides himself on always being prepared when it comes to outdoor gear. He never forgets to pack an extra sweatshirt or a headband for when my ears inevitably get cold. But he must have been off his game that day because neither of us had any layers to put on or a blanket for Liv. In his defense, the weather called for a high of 80ยบ and only a slight chance of thunder storms. 

We attempted to wrap Liv up in her car seat cover (that, my friends, is what we call improvising) and walk around a bit to give the dogs some exercise but it was too cold so we turned back and called it a day. But not before taking a few more pictures, of course.

Ladies and husband. 
Never a dull moment with these two. 

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