Sep 4, 2013

Rosewater Spray

Have you all heard of this stuff? I read about it in a magazine earlier this summer and decided to try it. What really had me sold was the fact that it contains only two ingredients: purified water and aromatic oil of rose.

I love floral scents but have stayed away from all perfumes since having Liv. She is always rubbing her face on my neck or sucking on my wrists and I didn't want her ingesting any yucky chemicals. This stuff is free of parabens, preservatives, petroleum and animal products so I don't have to worry if she gets any on her delicate skin.

On hot days, I keep it in my diaper bag and spray it on my feet and legs when we are out for a walk or at the zoo. It's cooling and smells so fresh. I even use a little right after I get out of the shower before bed. I makes the sheets smell yummy but is not too fru fru for Keane's liking.

Anyone else a fan of rosewater spray? I know it's been around forever but I just discovered it and I'm hooked!

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