Nov 25, 2013

Stay Classy

The week before last, our clan headed west to visit my brother's family in San Diego. Liv did well on the airplane but we were grateful the flight wasn't any longer than it was. She was a squirmy little worm and two hours proved to be her limit for sitting in one spot. 

The weather wasn't ideal with highs only in the mid 60s but we still took time to dip our toes in the ocean and get sand in every nook and cranny of our diaper. It was L's first time visiting the beach and she loved everything about it. In fact she screamed each time we'd lift her from the water or try to brush the sand from her face. 
My dad flew out from Phoenix to spend the weekend with everyone too. Liv was enamored with all the family but would stare at her cousins, studying their every move. 

They were just as excited to see her and were eager to share their toys, feed her and hold her on their laps. Because Sofia's Ls come out as Ws, Liv has been dubbed "Baby Wiv" by the entire family since she was born. 

I wish we could have counted the number of times "Baby Wiv" was said over the course of those 5 days. 
We spent one day exploring Coronado Island and a few afternoons at the beach in Del Mar. We ate good food, took evening walks and drank our morning coffee on the patio watching the fog burn off. I'll tell you what, there are worse things in life than living in San Diego. 
It is so beautiful there!
Until next time...

You stay classy, San Diego.

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