Dec 1, 2013

Because I can't seem to find the time to write

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and a restful holiday weekend. We ate copious amounts of turkey at my in-laws' house on Thursday, and then again at my sister's on Saturday. We have one more Thanksgiving dinner next weekend at which point I will gladly give up turkey and stuffing until next year. 

I was chatting with K's uncle over the weekend about this little blog of mine and I shared with him that I'm bummed I can't put as much energy into this space as I would like. Time doesn't usually permit when I'm baby wrangling, and when I do find myself with a spare minute, my brain hurts too much to string together thoughts on a keyboard. So instead, I end up watching another episode of mindless reality television and wishing this brain fog would lift. 

Until that happens, I guess I'll just continue averaging one post per week while relying heavily on the "picture is worth a thousand words" sentiment. 

 I appreciate all of you who continue to stop in, even when there isn't much to read. I hope that will change someday.
Cooped up in the house to escape temperatures in the teens. Wishing we were still in San Diego.
All dressed up for K's company holiday party.
Longest day ever being used as a human jungle gym. Ready for papa to come home and relieve me.
At our local library for Book Babies. L no longer thinks it's cool to sit next to mom. 
My handsome man guy
Our little adventurer
Decking our halls to the sounds of Michael Buble Christmas on Pandora.
So excited for the magic of this month.


  1. That photo at the library and your comment made me giggle :) I can't believe how quickly time flies. Keep posting. I love reading your blog. You've inspired to write my own xx

  2. Thanks for reading! And I'm glad you have started your own blog. It is such a fun way to document life! :)


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