Dec 27, 2013

8 months

15lbs 1oz
These monthly photos are proving more and more difficult to take since L refuses to lie flat on her back anymore. Here's the best shot of this squirmy blur I was able to get. 

New last month:

-First plane ride (she did great)
-First time at the beach (she ate a lot of sand)
-Started saying "mama" (be still my beating heart)
-Began yanking the hair straight out of my head (I embraced the "Mom Cut")
-Learned how to clap and wave (so proud of herself)
-Walking around furniture and cruising with the help of our fingers (oooh our aching backs)
-Climbs stairs (still recovering from many small heart attacks)
-Developed the most endearing emphysema voice and uses it whenever she's excited (sounds like an 80 year old lifelong smoker)
-Became a very distracted nurser (I have better things to do than lie still and drink milk, ma!). She now attempts to nurse in a downward dog yoga pose, just to avoid lying down. You're welcome for that visual. 

I swear this girl is taking after her Tio Brennon and Grandpa Jett and will be walking by 9 months. Baby proofing has taken on a whole new meaning now that she pulls herself up onto anything and everything, i.e. the toilet (GROSS), the refrigerator drawers (and attempts to CLIMB into them), the TV cabinet (and does a CHIN UP on the top shelf- WTF?), and the open dishwasher racks (I now have to hand wash the knives).

Time with this munchkin keeps getting better. She is so COOL and I truly enjoy spending time with her. She's funny, a little ornery, and very courageous. She's always up for anything, just like her papa and me. She's not so much into baths anymore, but adores mealtime and must be storing all her food in a hallow leg because she's still a twig. 

My strong-willed child holds her own at playgroups when other babies try to snatch her toys. After giving them the stink eye, she rips her beloved rattle or ball away from the vultures and moves along to another area of the room. That's my girl! 

She is fearless and adventurous and loves making new friends. At a recent music class, she crawled to the other side of the room and sat on a woman's lap whom she'd never seen before. Having always been a shy child myself, I beamed with pride while watching my outgoing babe explore her world. 

Boy, do I love that Liv Evelyn.

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