Dec 11, 2013

A girl and her dogs

Our dogs have really gotten the raw end of the deal since moving back from Wyoming. They very suddenly went from having free reign of unrestricted open space, to running circles in a dirt lot masquerading as a dog park in the city. Not long after our move, their lives were turned upside down again when a tiny human moved in to their house and invaded their lives. 

L absolutely adores them, and now that she is mobile, all up in their grill is the only place she wants to be. With as much change as they've experienced over the past year and a half, Daphne and Cash couldn't be more patient and sweet with her. 

I love seeing the bond she is forming with these hairy beasts. She loves them so much and I'm certain they secretly love her back.  
It's a known fact that children who grow up in homes with dogs have better immune systems. This photo proves why.


  1. I love dogs and babies together. They are so sweet!

  2. Ha! I posted something like this awhile back. So true!


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