Dec 4, 2013

What's in a (nick) name?

K is notorious for coming up with nicknames. Every pet we've ever owned has been given a series of nicknames, each morphing into the most random of words which are a far cry from their origin.

Take Daphne for instance. We call her Squeakers by way of Feeks, Fifi, Finicus, P. FeekieCheeseMo, and Feekie Squeaks. 

Then there's Cash. He became Mr. Pants early on, then Monsuego, Wiener, Cashew, and now it's Chooms or Chum for short.

And yes, I do realize how crazy we sound.

Before Liv came along, I asked Keane if he was planning to dub her some obscure name, and thus, embarrass her for life. He replied that a nickname can't merely be chosen out of thin air... it must flow from within and evolve naturally. 

Well, excuse me.

As it turned out, Liv was not exempt from the weirdo naming process, and now that it's been seven and a half months, I thought I'd take a second to record some of them. Because there are just some things that must be immortalized on the interwebs. 

Livabell Stevenson
Livi Lou
Baby Lou Lou
Toot Toot
Tiny Toot Toot
Toot De La Fruit

I happen to have come up with those most commonly used which are Tukie (Tukes) and Froofie. 

I'm sure we are doing some psychological damage and Liv will grow up with a major identity crisis, but we literally can't help ourselves. Seriously, I have to make a conscience effort everyday to call her by her real name so she knows what it is. 
We hope she can find it in her little Tootie Fruity heart to forgive us one day.

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