Jan 20, 2014

9 months

15lbs 11oz, 27.75in long
This picture slays me. 

I've had to rethink our method for taking these monthly photos because she simply won't lie still. Since standing is more her style these days, this was much more successful. 

Lots of new developments last month:

-Began cruising with a walker she was given for Christmas
-Stands on her own without any help from furniture or us
-Smiles at everything but reserves her giggles for things that are really, really funny.
-Gives "loves" to soft things, i.e. stuffed animals, blankets, sheepskin rug (She gently rests her head on them and smiles at us while we say, "looooves")
-Enjoys pulling things out of drawers and baskets, then putting them back in. Each night before bed, she diligently yanks all her clothes out of her hamper and then throws them around the room. Then she moves on to the books in her basket and the toys in the drawer. Her most favorite activity is taking all of papa's jeans out of the dresser, one by one. 
-Understands the signs for Milk, All Done, More, Eat, Dog, Mama, and Papa
-Loves music and thrashes her body around whenever she hears it
-Mastered going up stairs
-Still has no idea how to come back down
-Gives high fives
-Plays games. When I say, "I'm gonna get you!"she scurries away from me, giggling.

And spoiler alert:: this girl took her first steps two days after turning 9 months. 
Here we go!


  1. Standing is her new hobby. :) She is really adorable

    1. I know! It totally is. Thanks for reading Maurice.


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