Feb 20, 2014

Lately in photos

We've been surviving bouts of the polar vortex over here with lots of indoor activities and play dates with friends. Luckily, unlike the rest of the country, our sub zero weather was broken up by temperatures that reached the 60's some days so it hasn't been all bad. 

Here are some Instagram (@raysyoursights) and iPhone photos of what we've been up to recently. 

Struttin' around with her fancy lady fan//Carefully observing the big kids at the playground//Proving that she can now climb onto furniture and make herself comfy, all on her own//Tantrums which are starting far too early for my liking//Exploring the market at the Children's Museum with her pal Drew//Double date with Brooke and Cameron to the Butterfly Pavilion//Dog beds are her happy place//ET phone home//Sunday family brunch
A sick little cream puff//Pear to the face//My attempt at Valentine's nails//Sleeping beauty//I can never and will never get over her feet. OBSESSED//First swim with some friends, Charlie Mae and Ellie//Mama and baby photo op at the pool//Family hike in Evergreen//All my children
Exploring the mountains with papa//Valentine's Day celebration with my main squeeze//Chocolate cake the size of one's head//Feeling guilty for being short with Siri//So much love for my guy after spending hours talking about our goals for our marriage//Play date at Olen's house...his mama makes the coolest toys!//Olen and Liv, born just 3 days apart//Ikea//Just moments before L picked up a handful of dog poop at the park. YAY!


  1. I think I recognize that pool- apex center? And is the swing pic wash park? Though I guess most parks probably have those exact swings in the chips :)

    1. Yeah! Apex Center. It was our first time there. Such a cool facility! The park was actually in the Highlands :) Do you guys live in Wash Park?

    2. Almost! Bonnie Brae, just across University from Wash Park- are you guys in Highlands?

    3. We were until a month ago! Now we are up north in Lafayette :)


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