Feb 21, 2014

10 months

It's cliché, I know, but I really can't believe how big our girl has gotten. She is going to be a year old the next time I blink. 

What? No, I'm not crying! There's just dust in my eye. 

Ok, on to accomplishments from last month. The biggest and most exciting milestone is that we now have a walker on our hands! Liv took her first steps just two days after turning nine months and then spent the next few weeks gaining the confidence to inch further and further on her own. She now toddles all around by herself. Although she doesn't need any help from us, she still enjoys the comfort of holding onto our finger for support. 

Other notable happenings:
-Makes the sweetest cooing noises as she's falling asleep. While I nurse her to sleep in the evening, she drifts off and lets out the most glorious little throaty sounds in existence. She's so peaceful and relaxed.  It's music to my ears!

-Learned to feed the dogs at meal time and now attempts to give them all her food. I appreciate her desire to share but we are going to end up with some seriously fat dogs if this continues. On a related note, Liv is their new favorite person. 

-Developed quite the 'tude. For about 2.5 weeks, Liv looked at everyone and everything with disdain. My once smiley baby had morphed into someone I didn't recognize and wore a permanent scowl on her face. We were starting to become concerned and went back and forth about how to handle this phase (at least we hoped it was a phase). Should we laugh? Do it back to her? Ignore it all together? I'm happy to report we are now on the other side and she's back to smiling and waving at everyone she meets. Thank goodness.


  1. She is just so cute! I've been read you blog so many months, sometimes I have no idea what are you talking about (I'm from Finland) but I love your blog so so much <3 hugs for everyone!


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