Feb 5, 2014

Remember Me?!

It's been a while, I know. Let's get reacquainted, shall we?

Interwebs, meet Kelly. Kelly is a stay-at-home mama to a very spunky (and recently SASSY) 9.5 month old baby girl named Liv. Kelly feels like all the creativity is being sucked from her brain during this brutiful stage of life which is why you haven't heard much from her lately. Stella's Kelly's trying hard to get her groove back.

Kelly, meet interwebs. HI GUYS! Thanks for sticking with me.

Phew, glad we got that out of the way. So moving on to the important stuff. Our beloved Denver Broncos. I'll pause while we all have a moment of silence for the way things went down at the Super Bowl last weekend.


It's taken our household a few days to recover from such a tragic loss, but we still love our team and are optimistic about next year. I ain't mad atcha, Broncos.

I am super excited for the Olympics to start in just a couple of days. As I mentioned in this post from the last summer Olympics, both K and I are extremely competitive people so two weeks of being able to live vicariously through athletes on the other side of the world and cheer on our country is definitely our idea of a good time. USA!

It's dreadfully cold here in Colorado. Today's high will only reach 4ยบ. Weather like this makes the days drag on forever since we are stuck indoors. I think our only option today is to head to the mall for a glimpse of civilization because yesterday L and I both bordered on the brink of crazy. 12+ hours of playing with the same toys inside our tiny bungalow will do that.

Speaking of that yummy baby of mine... she has officially taken her first steps. On January 16, she took three giant strides from K to me right before bedtime. Since then, she's been getting more and more comfortable on her legs and only uses one of our fingers for stabilization now as she moves around the house. Get it girl!

Here are a few pictures of our recent happenings.


  1. Hi Kelly! I'm Suzy, I've been reading you blog for a couple months. Very cute. First time commenter! My little guy is about the same age and I can't image him taking steps like you little girl, woah!! Sorry about your Broncos, least you guys made it into the Super Bowl;D

    1. Hi Suzy! Congrats on your little one! I'm sure he is squishy and delicious :) Liv definitely keeps me on my toes. She has a lot of her papa in her and has been a mover and shaker since day one. They each do things on their own time though! Thanks for reading.


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