Feb 21, 2011

Ode to Feeks

As promised, I'm back with a tribute to our first born, Daphne. Most of her nicknames were given to her by her papa: Feeks, Finnicus, P Feektuals, and most recently, Feekiecheesemos. 

Daphne is an old soul, who, I'm convinced is the reincarnate of one of our relatives. In fact, she isn't really dog at all. She is so human in the expression of her eyes and the way she always knows exactly what we are saying to her. She is well aware she rules the roost and uses that to her advantage regularly. This little girl has us wrapped around her pinkie dewclaw. 

New family

Doing what she does best 
Here, she could be mistaken for the luck dragon, Falcor, in The Neverending Story

Getting ready for a winter run with Papa. Did I mention she is the coolest dog on the block?

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