Feb 18, 2011

Does everyone know that we raised chickens?!

Well, we did. And I want more. Here's a look back at the girls we had for about a year before moving to the "big city."

Clyde Drexler, who was actually a female but was named by her satirical papa, was a real beast. She was the biggest and most aggressive by far. I'm convinced she could have taken either one of the dogs in a brawl and she actually challenged them on several occasions.

Then there was Deborah Van Houten, or "Little Debbie." She wasn't actually little at all and produced the biggest eggs. She was also the one who woke us up most weekend mornings with her egg-birthing moans. Poor girl.

Finally, we had Rita. Rita began as my favorite of the three. I believed she and I had a special little bond. When she was a chick, she was the only one who wouldn't run from me when I tried to hold her. That all changed when she reached henhood. Not only did she want nothing to do with us, she was a free loader and only gave us a couple miniature eggs per week.

Once the mister and I get our ranch, we are definitely getting more chickens. I've already decided to name one Mona- because obviously. I picture Keane and I, along with our many small children, tending to our animals while the dogs dart freely around our property. Add in a tire swing, stream and a big front porch, and my dream is complete. Now, if we could just figure out how to make a living at this, we'd be out of this city in no time...

And finally, I'll leave you with this little number. You. are. welcome. 

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