Apr 5, 2011

I think Jimmy Buffett said it best

If this chorus isn't the story of our lives, I don't know what is.

Things are a changin' my friends. In a few short days, there will be changes in latitudes in addition to our already changing attitudes about the future happenings in our lives. We have decided that I will accompany the mister to WY from the very beginning of his 7 month stint rather than staying behind and working. You might remember my uncertainty regarding this matter a while back. Well, recently some things have played out in our lives which have steered us in a particular direction and that direction is I-25 north to Wyoming. Together. Now.

I feel very at peace with this decision and I am excited for what the future will bring. We will be moving into a 650 sq ft apartment with two adults and 145 pounds worth of dogs. Although we may be cramped physically, we hope to grow emotionally as a married couple, totally reliant on each other in a new town.  So stay tuned for updates on our awesome Wyoming adventure!

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