Aug 4, 2011

DIY flower bib necklace

I've been on a DIY necklace kick as of late so I thought I'd share another fun project that's been all over the internet recently. 

Here is what you'll need:

Side note: My anal retentiveness is dying to redo the numbers on this picture because I realized it goes in a counterclockwise direction only after I posted it. I have issues, I admit it. 

Kelly is my name and anal is my game. 

Ummm, that came out wrong.... 

Let's carry on, shall we? 

First, cut 5 felt circles. This will be the backing to the necklace. 

Next, cut out the same size circles from the fabric of your choice. You will need 8 circles of fabric for each of the 5 felt circles (40 in all). To save time, I stacked my fabric. 

Use a dab of hot glue on the center of each circle of fabric to form a flower.

Then glue eight flowers to each felt circle to make these:

Once all five felt circles are complete, glue the bottom three to a large piece of felt. 

Then glue the ends of your chain under the top circles and glue those to the felt. Make sense?

To finish, cut off the felt around the edge of the necklace.

There you have it.

The materials cost me around $4.00 and it just so happens this is a perfect activity to do while watching reruns of Flipping Out.

Gosh I love that Jenni. I'm fairly certain we'd be friends in real life.

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