Aug 8, 2011

This place was made for us

Every night around 8:00, after our bellies are good and full from dinner, our little family embarks on an evening stroll together. Although we go to the same spot each time, we haven't even come close to touching all of the hundreds of uncharted acres that are available to us.  

These moments together are so precious. They allow us the chance to connect and talk about the events of our days while standing under the setting sun. We breathe in the cool, night air and laugh as the dogs dart around, chasing rabbits.

A mere two minutes drive from our front door, this space feels like ours and ours alone. There is a certain stillness here; an unspoken freedom which affords us space to roam without ever meeting another soul. 

That's right. I'm pretty sure this place was made for the four of us. 

Wyoming as a whole has brought us a sense of isolation from the rest of the world and a forced dependency on only each other. Although I miss our friends and family immensely, the selfish parts of me are grateful for this uninterrupted time with my other half. Right now, we have no obligations to anyone else, but before too long, our family will grow and we will have to adjust to a life far less flexible and selfish than this. 

This place, this time, has been a gift- and not a coincidental one I believe. 

And so, the other night while walking hand in hand under the vast Wyoming sky, I leaned in to my mister and whispered, "I really love this place." 

But not too loud. I didn't want Colorado to hear.

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