Aug 12, 2011

A story of more than just boating

It was our first time boating on the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Nearly 100 miles long, we drove (boated?) for hours without ever reaching an end. The shore was lined with little coves and private beaches perfect for docking and exploring. 

We went with a friend of Keane's from work and his two Great Danes. Naturally, we brought our pooches along as well.  

We docked a couple times so we could get out and stretch our legs, but not without first letting the dogs take a dip. 

They hiked- two men, two dogs, and two horses, while I stayed behind to sun bathe.


The highlight of the trip was discovering an island and on that island, there lived a buck. 
This buck quickly became spooked by our two dogs and two horses and decided to swim to safety. 

That's right. 
He darted into the water and began swimming across the reservoir. 

Now because this isn't something one typically sees everyday, we had to get a closer look. We hurried back to the boat to catch up with the surprisingly good swimmer. 
Who knew deer swam?

See him? Look closely...

We ushered him to the closest shore and high-fived to saving a life that day (after being the ones who caused him to nearly commit suicide in the first place, but let's not focus on that, ok?) 

Moral of this story: last weekend we went boating and we saved a life and all was well that ended well. 


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