Sep 1, 2011

I can't make this stuff up

We spent last weekend amidst the trees and blue skies once again.
We're working hard to make up for idle time spent recovering from surgery over the last 2.5 months. So far, I'd say we have been pretty successful in packing full what's left of our summer in beautiful western Wyoming.

We played on the water with our friend and his infamous dogs horses during the day and spent the evening around a campfire, trying to count the stars above.

I realized I've taken quite a liking to collecting dirt under my nails and brushing my teeth in the black of night with only a water bottle. Who knew this girly girl would one day raise chickens or long to spend the rest of her life on a ranch, riding a 4-wheeler and making her own clothes?

But I digress. Back to the weekend.

I have to share an example of why I consider myself to be one of the luckiest gals out there:

Early Sunday, after we docked the boat at the base of an untouched mountain, we embarked on what turned out to be the most difficult hike I've done since before my surgery. I moved slowly, holding the hand of my mister so he could help me traverse a particularly steep and rocky face. Because I'm hardly back to my normal strength or flexibly, I apologized to Keane for cramping his style since I couldn't go as fast as I knew he secretly wanted to.

Without hesitation, he responded, "Babe. You are my style."

I know, right? I swooned and told him that was one of the greatest things he's ever said to me.

Anyhoo, here are some pictures from the weekend.

This is Daphne, staking her claim in the front of the boat. I can't really blame her for wanting the best view. 

Let's talk about how this dog's horse's head is about 3 times the size of mine, shall we?

This pictures makes me laugh.
Daphne was digging a bed for herself while Cash was taking dirt to the face behind her. At least he's still smiling.

And, you will never guess what happened yet again on this trip! Just like last time, a life was saved by our heroic efforts. We spotted a baby bird flopping around in the water so we floated over for Keane to scoop it up. He let it dry off and catch its breath in his hands, then returned it to its squawking mama on shore.

What are the odds that something like this would happen twice in a few weeks?! I can't make this stuff up, people. 

It was a special weekend for us and probably our last of the season spent sleeping in a tent. In a couple weeks we will embark on our Griswold family vacation to Yellowstone in an RV and after that, we will tour the surrounding states on a Harley for my birthday weekend!

And to think, all this fun packed in just days before we pick up and move to a new town. 

Bring it Casper. Bring it. 

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