Sep 12, 2011

Pilgrimage and Petroglyphs

This clan went on a pilgrimage involving wide open spaces and a lot of sand. No, we didn't travel to the beach, but rather to the largest sand dunes in North American which happens to be an hour from our house. 

It was blazing hot and our dogs nearly died from the lack of shade, but it was definitely worth seeing. 

On the way home, we saw a turn off for petroglyph viewing so we followed the signs which led us to some of the coolest rock carvings I have ever seen. Actually, I think they were the only rock carvings I have ever seen, but still. 

It was fun imaging what life would have been like when this place was first inhabited. People obviously used tools and deer and buffalo roamed the plains, judging by the pictures. 

This claw mark was a mystery to me...

as well as how they were able to get baby footprints in sandstone.

We explored some caves which still had smoke residue on the ceilings from fires made.

Life is so incredible and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities to see such amazing things that I never would have otherwise.

We are so blessed. 

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