Jul 26, 2012

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got...

I'm still, I'm still Kelly from the block. 
Please try to keep the jealousy at a minimum while I review my thrift store goodies.

One pearl necklace and two semi-precious stone necklaces, all for $20? Done. I'll admit, nine dollars for second-hand jewelry seemed a bit steep to me too until I realized they both still had their original $25 price tags attached. So I scored three necklaces for less than I would have paid for one.
Good gravy, I love a deal!

I also picked up this pretty dish for a buck. I might use it for holding jewelry, serving food, or as a soap dish in the bathroom. I'm so excited! The options are endless, really! 
Also, I need help.

A cute new-to-me ceramic vase and a chunky glass party platter round out my finds. 

It really should be illegal, this thrifting thing. Finding great, one-of-a kind things for stupid cheap and getting my shopping fix without breaking the bank?! It's too easy. 


  1. Love that jug!! Thanks for stopping by Miss Tweedle :)

  2. gorgeous finds! Stopping by from Harpers happenings...feel free to link up on my thrifting thursdays!

  3. Great finds. Isn't it crazy what you can find while thrifting. I'm a thriftaholic for sure...LOL

  4. I feel the same way about thrifting. It is amazing and fits my budget!

  5. Some great steals!


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