Jul 25, 2012

PNW part 2

The day after the wedding, our group met up with the newlyweds for some wine tasting in Hood River. Keane and I ducked out a little early so we could go for a hike in Mt. Hood National Forest. That area of the country was unbelievable gorgeous. It felt like a mix between Hawaii and Colorado with its lush vegetation and massive pine trees. We hiked five miles along a creek and saw a gorgeous waterfall. 

The entire trip was so much fun and I can't wait to go again sometime and explore more. But now its back to reality and time to start packing up our lives for our move next week. Keane's project is completely finished (as of today!! yay!) and he will spend the rest of this week closing out the job. We're planning to take a few days next week to relax before going back to Colorado. Over and out and on to the next!


  1. What a lovely weekend! I discovered your blog this morning and have been enjoying many of your posts. Shabby Sweet Tea is your newest follower!

    1. Happy to have you!! Thanks for reading <3


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