Sep 24, 2012

A little place called Aspen

Aspen, where the beer flows like wine and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. Have I mentioned that Dumb and Dumber is one of my favorite movies of all time? And incidentally, Aspen is one of my favorite places on earth. So there you go.

After closing on our house Friday morning, we headed up the mountain for our friend's wedding weekend. It was just what the doctor ordered for my soul– mountain air, changing aspen trees and alone time with the hubs. We spent the mornings walking around town and the afternoons napping in the park. We caught up with long-time friends and savored every second of our weekend away.

The wedding venue was absolutely stunning, as was the bride. Weddings are the bee's knees if you ask me. I love getting to be a part of someone's most special day. Each time I see a bride walking toward her groom I inevitably tear up, remembering how surreal that moment is. And also because I am a ball of sap. 

Congrats to the happy couple! We are honored to have shared in your special day and we appreciate the excuse to spend a few days in one of the most beautiful places in existence. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a wonderful wedding!

    I have always wanted to visit Colorado, looks like fall is so beautiful in that state!



    1. Thanks! Colorado is so beautiful in the fall. If you visit, that's the season to see! Thanks for reading! Xo

  2. Your photos are so beautiful... Those trees! Absolutely breathtaking!

  3. We certainly feel blessed to live in such a gorgeous state! Thanks for reading! Xo


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