Oct 31, 2012

Potato Heads

Happy Halloween! Keane and I celebrated last saturday at a friend's party where we dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. My mother-in-law came over that morning to help me put together our last minute costumes. They turned out pretty great and I was warm and comfortable (unlike previous years). Most pants are starting to drive me crazy so I jump at any opportunity that allows me to wear leggings and not look like an aerobics instructor.

As we handed out candy to tick-or-treaters tonight, I teared up thinking about getting to share these exciting experiences with our own little babe in the future. Each time a child rang our doorbell, their parents beamed with pride as they watched their little one remembering their eye contact and please and thank yous. 

Every experience in a child's life is an opportunity for learning and growth and parents are their ultimate teachers. Each new sight and sound fills children with wonder, especially around the holidays. I can't wait to delight in that joy with our child!

In the mean time, I'll settle for humiliating our dogs with ridiculous costumes that are way too small. 

Happy Halloween, everyone. I hope you all remembered to EAT, DRINK AND BE SCARY!!

1 comment:

  1. Well aren't you guys just adorable little potatoes!




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