Dec 12, 2012

Making Spirits Bright

Christmas is such a special time of the year for me. I love all the holiday traditions that come with the season. It's been so much fun creating magical memories with Keane over the past several years and I can't wait to flood our children with that same joy and excitement when the time comes. 

It hasn't always been this way though. I was a self-admitted grinch before meeting Keane. I hated Christmas and all the emotions that came with it since a lot of my childhood memories of this time included quick tempers and fighting. It wasn't until Keane and I moved in together that we vowed to make Christmas our own.  


We spent the weekend decorating our house, making holiday treats and digging through our box of ornaments, recalling stories B.K. (We use this to indicate a time in our lives prior to meeting one another since we met when we were 16. It stands for Before Keane and Before Kelly). We listened to Christmas classics and sang along in our best Bing Crosby voices. 

This year is extra special for us because it is the first year celebrating Christmas as homeowners in our new house with a baby on the way. 

This chicken ornament makes me laugh. I don't quite remember, but I'm sure I bought it after living in Fort Collins in honor of our three chickens

We don't have a mantle in our new house but these shelves do the trick for hanging our stockings by the chimney curtains with care.

And then we discovered this little gem mixed in with all our ornaments. And we laughed. Really hard. Maybe it's pregnancy brain but I SWEAR I never framed this picture and stored it in our holiday box, and Keane didn't even know it existed. I think it was the ghost of Christmas past. Either way, can we talk about that baby face?! 

We have determined this photo will now be proudly displayed each year since it would be a shame not to share it. 

Happy holidays from our home to yours! Regardless of your past, may you decide to make this a time of love, laughter, patience, and forgiveness. 

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