Mar 14, 2013

Before there are three

The realization came while we were chatting over Sunday brunch. Without warning, my lips quivered and I began to cry into my coffee. Keane asked what was wrong and I muttered through my tears that things were never going to be the same again. It hit me in that moment over our morning muffins that in one month, our days as a twosome would be over. Memories of our simple times together, spontaneous weekend trips and exciting adventures flashed through my mind. Everything was about to change and I was suddenly mourning our days of being "just the two of us" before they were even over.

Leisurely weekend brunches, an activity we've taken for granted for so long, would look totally different. We will have to wait for bigger tables to accommodate an added person and our newly acquired stuff. Simple trips to the grocery store or to Target will move slower and take longer. Every outing will require planning around feeding times and nap schedules.

And, how was I supposed to balance my love for Keane with the adoration I will feel for this person we created together? What if I fall short as a wife and our relationship suffers? Will we make enough time for each other and for ourselves to remain sane?

Keane looked at me and smiled. He said he had been having similar thoughts recently but didn't want to share them and risk upsetting me. We spent the next hour discussing what worried us about becoming parents, what we needed to prioritize in order to maintain a strong marriage and personal well-being, and what excited us the most about this new stage in our lives. We agreed we wouldn't be normal if we weren't concerned about things changing in the future, so we gave ourselves a break and committed to roll with the punches after this little lady enters our family.

As our due date approaches, we are taking full advantage of our final days together as a solo couple. We have date nights planned, movie passes to use and lots of honest talks over Sunday brunch waiting for us at tables that only seat two.


  1. Sweet. My husband and I share the same concerns... I just look at it like this: In time we'll be able to do so much with her..Vacations, Lunch, park visits. Sure it will require more planning but it will all be worth it to have our little extra person.

    Miya from

    1. I agree! Good for you for having such a positive outlook. Life is what you make it, right? Congrats on your babe. xo


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