Mar 18, 2013

My Pregnancy Must-Haves


There are some very specific things that I've found to be especially helpful during this pregnancy. For the first 14 weeks, I battled morning sickness The term "morning sickness" is such a misnomer because for most women, that ill feeling strikes whenever it pleases. To get me through the first 3 or 4 months, I chugged ginger tea, sucked on hard candies and chewed lots of gum. These things seemed to soothe my stomach and balance my blood sugar between the several smalls meals I was eating throughout the day. 

Thankfully, I was able to avoid maternity clothing until well into my 7th month. The Belly Band came in super handy and allowed me to wear my regular jeans for a long time. I also used a hair tie as an extender to loop the button with the button hole which worked really well under the band. 

As I grew, I used several pillows to support my limbs, belly and back while I slept. I created a nest of sorts any time I was relaxing on the couch or lying in bed. Lots and lots of pillows!

If there is one thing my midwives are drill sergeants about, it is water intake. Anytime I complain about something that is ailing me, their first question is always the same, "How much water are you drinking?" They expect pregnant women to be drinking 3-4 liters everyday. May I just point out that is a gallon of water per day?! This has been a real struggle for me so to keep track of my water intake, I carry a one liter water bottle around with me everywhere I go. Each time I look at it, I take a gulp, even if I'm not thirsty. 

A big comfy robe is truly the thing I've used most during this pregnancy. There is nothing I hate more than the feeling of restricting or uncomfortable clothing. Anytime I'm lounging around the house, this is what I wear. It easily adjusts to a growing belly and won't bunch up around your basketball midsection. 

I am one of the lucky ones who got varicose veins from added weight and increased blood volume during pregnancy (I say this with the utmost sarcasm). They started to appear in my left leg around week 17 so I quickly ordered compression stockings to combat these unsightly and painful marks. Luckily, the majority of my pregnancy has taken place during the cold winter months so wearing them under my pants hasn't been an issue. They ease the throbbing sensation and prevent the veins from getting worse as pregnancy progresses. 

Finally, addressing the dreaded stretch mark. I have used Bio Oil and Coconut Oil on my midsection religiously since the start of my second trimester. Although stretch marks tend to be genetic (if your mother or sister got them during pregnancy, chances are you will too), I figured it couldn't hurt to constantly moisturize my growing belly. I am almost 36 weeks and have yet to see a stretch mark. It's worth a try!

So there it is. My list of must-haves to make 40 weeks of body morphing just a little easier. The work your body is doing during pregnancy truly is remarkable! And just remember, any discomfort or annoyances experienced now will be well worth it the moment you lay eyes on your sweet babe.



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    1. My list of must-haves to make 40 weeks of body morphing just a little easier. The work your body is doing during pregnancy truly is remarkable! And just remember,
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