Aug 23, 2013

17 of 52

Like most new moms of this era, I have a real problem with taking photos of my girl. My iPhone always seems to be within reach when she is striking her poses so I snap away to capture these fleeting moments. 

A while back, I started compiling weekly photos of Liv to track how much she was changing. My plan is to order StickyGrams of each one and line up all 52 on the fridge by the end of the year. 
Here's what I've gotten so far. 
If you ever feel like you need an influx of cute baby pictures in your life, feel free to follow us on Instagram. My username is raysyoursights. 


  1. Great photos, they really illustrate just how quickly a baby grows in her first year!

  2. I love the weekly pictures! She is adorable.

  3. Love this idea! What did u use to edit/ add writing to ur photos?

    1. Thanks! I use the A Beautiful Mess app for the photos.


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