Aug 21, 2013

4 months

Another month older y'all! Sis weighed 12lbs 6.5 oz and was 25in long at her four month doctor visit. She remains a string bean, measuring in the 16th percentile for weight and 70th for height. She's still rolling onto her tummy with ease and still trying to figure out what to do once she gets there. Her coordination is developing rapidly. She is now able to swipe things within her reach before I even realize what has happened. No plate or cup is safe when she's sitting on my lap. She is still shoving toys and clothing in her mouth and drooling like a Saint Bernard but no sign of teeth yet. 

We spend our days taking walks, meeting up with friends for play dates and hanging inside by the air conditioner (these last few days have been HOT). She had her first trip to the zoo a couple weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed watching the people more than any animal. 

This month we discovered her love for the Johnny Jump Up and the exersaucer. Anything that allows her to remain upright and standing is her jam. Liv is a little nudist who prefers being naked over anything else. She started taking naps* in her crib and we're planning to transition her to her own room at night soon. (*I use the term "naps" loosely as she sleeps for only 15-20 minutes at a time. This means I never get a break and I am le tired.) 

Life has been pretty great this month and each day that goes by, she becomes more and more like a little human and less like a baby blob. I swear she understands the sign for milk because she gets frantic for the boob each time I make it. She laughs and plays peek-a-boo with me, smiles when papa gets home from work, and has discovered the tongue in her mouth. What fun!


  1. Aww these updates as lovely, its so nice to be able to look back and know every matter how little x

    1. I don't have a journal and I'm terrible at keeping up with her baby book, so this is a good way to keep track! Thanks for reading Victoria! xx


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