Aug 19, 2013


Last week was a rough one. This little babe of ours had been waking every couple hours at night for several days, and the previous months of sleep deprivation was finally catching up with me.
I hit my breaking point on Tuesday afternoon.

 It was a combination of exhaustion and anxiety. I felt like jumping out of my own skin. All I wanted to do was lie down and shut my eyes but a fussy baby who was resisting naps made that impossible.

I can only imagine that is how insomniacs feel– so tired it literally aches, yet unable to rest. Frantically waving my white flag, I called Keane at 4:00pm in a tearful stupor asking for help. He arrived home a short time later with flowers in hand demanding I head to bed to get some rest. He took Liv and the dogs on a long walk so I could have a silent house all to myself.

In my opinion, parenthood is one of the hardest things to hit a marriage. There is so much change in such a short period of time and you each are thrust into new roles with which you are not yet familiar. It requires constant communication to work through feelings of resentment, isolation and loneliness that threaten your previously unshakable relationship.

Saturday, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. 
This year has been full of change, yet this guy remains my constant. He is always there when I feel like surrendering. He makes sacrifices for his family, is a loyal friend and has a heart of gold. 

It's been incredible seeing him evolve into a father over the last four months. He has cultivated such an amazing relationship with our little girl that it makes me excited to grow our family with him again and again (but not too soon!).

I can't imagine life without this little family of mine. Happy anniversary to the greatest man I know. I love you forever and always. 

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