Aug 20, 2013

Our house in the middle of our street- Part 2

Not unlike the rest of the house, our bedroom was in need of some scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint when we moved in. We took down the curtains, updated the ceiling fan and painted the walls the same warm neutral we used in the kitchen. 
Although Liv's cosleeper isn't a permanent fixture in the room, it's super convenient to have her so close to us at night even if it makes the already small room even tighter. 

The large mirror helps bounce light around while giving the illusion of more space. 
We don't use the door that connects our bedroom with Liv's nursery because we need the space for furniture. It's not ideal to have our bed shoved against the wall in the corner but that was the only configuration that would work. I'd eventually like to get a headboard for our bed. I've got my eye on some pretty fabric ones with nailhead trim. 
Our dressers are sweet vintage pieces that Keane's dad and uncle had in their rooms when they were kids. It's a shame our children won't be inheriting any gems like that from us since quality, affordable furniture doesn't exist anymore. 
The bathroom is one of my favorite rooms with its mix of old and new. The clawfoot tub is original to the house while the granite slab and stone sink bring some modernness to the space. This is the only room in the house that we didn't paint. A pretty floral shower curtain and some new art was all it took to make it our own. 
The exterior got some touch ups to the siding and a contrasting paint color on the pillars and trim (the painting that put me into labor). We also did some major pruning to those out of control bushes (see that rose bush taking over half of the porch?). 

We trimmed the trees in the backyard which freed up a huge portion of our lot. 
Keane built a new railing, and sanded and repainted the deck. He also replaced all the sod that the dogs had destroyed, added a shade structure and strung cafe lights. He's very handy to have around, that hubby of mine. 
I have come to love so much about old homes; the character, the history, the charm. I even adore their imperfections which make them unlike any other house on the block. 
Thanks for taking our house tour! I'm very proud of our first home and the work we've done to it. Many hours of hard work were spent making it ours.  

See part one here.


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