Mar 7, 2011

Our Beloved Roosevelt

After getting engaged, Keane and I returned to life as usual. The lease on our apartment was ending soon so we began looking for another place to live. My dad and his wife graciously offered to purchase a house that we could rent from them while we lived in Fort Collins.

They ultimately decided on this beauty:

This house holds some my greatest memories from this amazing town. It was a small two bedroom, one bathroom house, but it was absolutely perfect for us. 

I loved the lime green walls in the kitchen and the over-sized 50's cabinets. 

We I painted the main living space before we moved in. It started out as a dark chocolate brown but I thought lightening it up with this beige color would open up the space. I was right.

This home truly felt like ours. We got to know our wonderful neighbors and were active in our community. We had great pride for our new space and worked hard maintaining it's beauty. 

We had our engagement party in the backyard of this home... 

....and planned our wedding on the couch of this home. 

After becoming husband and wife, we returned to this home, hoping our excitement and elation would never fade. 

We became doggie parents for the second time in this home. 

Keane graduated cum laude while living in this home.

After 2.5 years of bliss in Fort Collins, CO, we packed up our family and headed to Denver for Keane's job. I will forever hold this home close to my heart. We often reminisce about our times on Roosevelt. 

we lived. 

we laughed.

we loved.


Click here for a look back at our first place.

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