Mar 19, 2014

11 months

Don't know her stats but let's just leave it at this: chicken legs. 
New this month:

-Growling like a wild animal.
-Clapping, specifically to "If You're Happy and You Know It."
-Kissing. On the lips... with a wet, open mouth.
-Saying Mama, Dada, Dog, Deh (yeah), and Doh (no)
-Cutting a new top tooth (that's 5 total)
-Obsession with shredding toilet paper. She tears it into tiny little pieces and leaves a trail around the house for me to clean. She's very much like a cat. 
-Loving on command. When I ask her to give someone or something a "love," she gently rests her head on it. Her favorite recipients of loves are soft things like blankets and stuffed animals. 
-Fascination with teeth and tongues. While she nurses, she jams her fingers into my mouth and plays with my teeth. She thinks it's the funniest thing in the world when I pretend to bite them.
-Moving like Jagger. She sways one arm back and forth with bent knees anytime she hears music or I ask her to dance. It's quite possibly the cutest thing she does. 
-Carrying heaving objects around the house. She loves a challenge so anything big, heavy or awkward to handle, she lugs from room to room while grunting. 
-Exclusively walking (and running). Crawling is for the birds now.
-Better understanding of the world around her. I can say to her, "Liv, do you want to go for a walk in the stroller?" She'll respond with, "Deh" (her way of saying Yeah). I'll then ask her to get her shoes from her room so we can go. She'll stop what she's doing, go into her bedroom and emerge with her shoes in hand. Brilliant, I tell you!
-Learning about emotions. She laughs when Keane and I laugh or when she sees someone on TV laughing. She also appeared very concerned when she saw me crying the other day and actually reached out to touch my tears. I love that she's showing empathy at this age. 
-No more scowling! Thank the sweet Lord for that. 

If you need me over the next few weeks, I'll be cursing that hood rat called TIME. Because how has it been almost a full year. How?

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  1. Almost 1 year! <3 I can't believe this! It feels like yestersay she was just a little baby :)

  2. ''Kissing. On the lips... with a wet, open mouth.''
    Hahaha, this is sooo recognisable! :-)
    Nice blog you have Kelly!

    Hug, Cathy

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  5. So cute, I always see these sorts of pictures done every month. I have monthly pictures/letters on my blog of my son but I wish I had thought to do something like this...Maybe when I have another baby in the future :)


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