Apr 29, 2011

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Tomorrow, I will be reunited with my lover and my dogs after a loooong 18 days apart. I am so ready to be in the comfort of his arms and our bed once again. These last couple days have been Crazy with a capital C. 

On Wednesday, I got a second cortisone shot in my back as a last ditch effort to avoid surgery. I slept off the drugs most of that day and night. Thursday morning I awoke to some really fuzzy vision in my left eye. I didn't think much of it and continued eating breakfast until I caught my reflection in the mirror. Oh.My.Lord. My left pupil was so dilated that no part of my iris was visible, and my right pupil was smaller than I had ever seen it. I freaked out a  little bit, wondering if I was having a reaction to the cortisone shot or any meds I had been on the day before. I called the doctor who did my injection and she recommend I go to urgent care right away. 

After spending the morning in urgent care, I was told my severe pupil dilation was caused by the scopolamine patch they put behind my ear the day before to prevent nausea after my procedure. The muscles in my eye were temporarily paralyzed from the drug entering my blood stream and my pupil would likely not return to its normal size for several days. 

Thankfully there would be no long term damage to my eye or vision and I just had to ride it out. Each time Keane called to see how I was doing, I broke down in tears because I all wanted was for him to be by my side. It was a scary few days but I'm doing much better now- my pupil is almost back to it's normal size and my vision and sensitivity to light has improved dramatically. 

Today, Kyla and I had some fun with Lily and dressed her up for a photo shoot. 

Get ready for some serious cuteness:  

She was such a good sport but made it very clear when she had had enough. 

Look at those cheeks! mmmm mmm.

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