Sep 23, 2011

An upcoming golden and more YellerStone

Tomorrow we leave on our motorcycle trip in southern Utah for my birthday weekend. 

That's right. Birthday weekend. I'm a firm believer in milking birthdays for all they're worth and this one is no exception. Why?  Because Monday is my golden birthday! Not that that means anything other than I've been talking about turning 26 on the 26th since elementary school when I learned what a golden birthday was. 

And while we're on the topic? 26 feels old.

Like can't swing on a swing-set anymore because the motion makes me sick, kind of old.
Like annoyed by loud music in stores or restaurants, kind of old.
Like can't spend time outside without acquiring new sunspots, kind of old.


Anyway, here's the video I promised of some other pictures from Yellowstone last weekend. 

Happy Friday! Enjoy!

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