Nov 10, 2011

November Gratitude: Week 2

Continuing on with my weekly November gratitude posts, this week, I am grateful for:

 -Health insurance as bills continue to flood in from my recent back surgery and post-surgical therapies. ($51,000 worth of gratitude to be exact which is what we would have to pay sans insurance) 
-Amazing friends with whom you can have honest conversations with full self-disclosure and several tears. In public no less. (you know who you are)
-Finding a yoga studio that I love after years of searching.
-The fact that Wyoming has no state income tax which means we get to keep more of our paychecks!
-Brain-rotting reality television which currently fills our DVR, just waiting for me to watch it.

1 comment:

  1. you sound like a very blessed gal indeed! honest friends and good yoga are hard to find. haha.


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