Mar 19, 2012

Some things currently blowing my mind

We leave for Hawaii in three weeks.

The weather in Denver over the weekend allowed us to sport bare legs and short sleeves. I'll take 80 and sunny in the middle of March any day. 

Speaking of Denver...holy St. Patrick's Day celebrations! I've never seen anything like it. 

We are attending 4 weddings this summer– one of which Keane and I are in– and already have 3 more to go to next year. 'Tis the season for matrimonies!

Next month, we will have lived in Wyoming for a year. Seriously, time? Why do you do me like that? 

My husband is Handy Manny. Handy Manny is my husband. A 200 foot fence in one afternoon?! Oh yes he did.

Tomorrow marks 4 years since Keane asked me to be his wife in Maui. I will say 'yes' everyday for the rest of our lives, my love.


Now, for some pictures from our weekend back home. 

Leave it to Keane to wear blue on St. Patty's day. I made sure he got a healthy dose of pinches for that one. 
Hope your weekend was swell. 

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