Jan 23, 2011

Memory lane

Shall we stroll?

With Mom- looks like we are in some sort of van (?)

In our first house on Plum Court. This was the same tricycle that I was on in my "grandkids" picture - all of the grandkids wore shirts with their birth number on it. The pictures were then put in an album and kept at my grandpa's house. I'm number 22.
With Grandpa Breitenbach and Dorothy 
Easter morning after an egg hunt. From the looks of it, this was an early morning.
Shootin' hoops with Brennon
Playing with Dad on the monkey bars in our backyard. I don't remember much about that house but I do remember the backyard. 
Dog pile
Christmas morning. I was obsessed with my black patten leather dress shoes and wore them to bed every night. I have them on with my pajamas this morning. 
Boulder Country Club around the holidays. Oooh the 80's.
Dancing with Dad in the kitchen 

Well, that was fun! Glad we did it. 

1 comment:

  1. That last photo of you dancing with your dad is THE sweetest thing I have seen all day!


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