Feb 15, 2011

Love Day

I love Valentine's Day. Always have. Any excuse to decorate in a theme, eat candy, and celebrate love makes me smile. This Valentine's Day was perfect. Keane and I celebrated on the 13th to avoid crowded restaurants and high prices. After a long hike with the dogs in Evergreen, we headed back to Denver and walked to our new favorite burger spot to have a laid back dinner. As the years go by and our relationship deepens, it's the simplicity on days like this that I value most. I used to think I needed an extravagant plan consisting of surprises and candlelit dinners on Valentine's Day in order to make me feel special. After 9 years together, I realize that all I really want is undivided attention from the person I love most. Yes, gifts, cards and plans are nice and something I expect from time to time ::wink wink:: but our time together is so often distracted by the noise of technology that I find eye contact and good conversation to be highly underrated.

Keane did surprise me with the NorthFace coat I have been drooling over and some bea-U-tiful earrings but that was just icing on the cake ;)

So, to all the haters of V-Day: yes, it is "just another day", but it's also a reminder to love hard because this life is short. It is a chance to do something special (or simple) for someone in your life. And for me, it's an excuse to reconnect over something delicious and just be. together.


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