Apr 21, 2011

Great day

Only a week left at my sister's house, then I get another cortisone shot in my back, recover for a few days at my in-law's, and fly to meet up with my hubby ::jumps for serious joy::!!!

I am soaking up all my time with the munchkins until then. Here is a recap on yesterday's activities:

Corynn and I got girlie and painted our toes in the morning. 

The kids dyed Easter eggs in the afternoon.

And I jumped at the chance to snatch up and snuggle my peanut nephew while the older kids were occupied. 

I could just eat him. All up. 

Before dinner, I took Corynn and Caleb to the mall to play on the dinosaurs. Caleb flirted with some older girls and Corynn exercised her inner dare-devil and proved she could hang with the big kids. 

Finally, Keane's mom brought dinner over for us all which was such a sweet gesture. 

What a wonderful day!

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