May 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night:

Had date night at a sushi restaurant (sushi! in the Rock! who knew?). Were actually impressed by the quality and the fact that we didn't get any parasites. yet.  

Saturday morning:

Put on our adventuring panties and hit the road. Weather was finally warm- sun was shining and breeze was blowing. Saw one tree. Took a picture to prove it. 

Jumped over some rocks. Felt young again. (We're almost 26 after all) 

Found the remains of many antelope. Spared my viewers the documentation of such horror. Came home, sunburned and windburned. Recovered on the floor with my family. 

Saturday afternoon:

Continued our exploration, only this time, inside the isles of a barn.

Tried stuff on. Took pictures. Caused the sales people to shake their heads in embarrassment. Refused to care. 

Ate a terrible dinner at Applebees (wasn't their food decent at one time? no?) It was prom night which meant great entertainment because let's face it, there isn't much better than people watching. Especially when those people are sitting in a booth at the local Neighborhood Bar and Grill in their ball gowns and corsages, eating wings. It's a special breed of people here, folks. 


Drove 5 minutes east of town. Parked among some rubble on a dirt road where shot gun shells littered the ground. Picked a direction and started walking. Came upon some of the most beautiful rocks I have ever seen surrounded by mini sand dunes. 

Thanked God for the glory of this earth and for being around to appreciate it. 

The end. 

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  1. I actually felt like I was with you - keep the photos coming. When you need a break, and some ocean, head our way. Isn't it time for some CA time? Miss u2


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