May 13, 2011

Feelin Crafty: We Love Here

I thought I would share another art project I've been working on recently. I finished it while we were living in Denver but decided not to hang it until we moved into our apartment. 

You know the saying "Where ever we go, there we are"? Well, it's a good reminder to me that no matter where we are, which state we live in, or how far off our current circumstances are from what I had envisioned, we are together and in perfect divine alignment with what is. We only have the present moment and we can control very little about external conditions so we might as well accept it with some grace and a smile. 

So, to go along with that idea, I wanted to create something for our current space (and for all future spaces) that would remind us that it really doesn't matter where we are as long as we love- each other, our family and friends, our planet, and Spirit. So I bought wooden letters to spell these words:

They will serve as a reminder to love in this space, in any space we live in. 

I started the project by wrapping each letter in yarn (I went a little yarn crazy at the craft store when I did this project a while back) then I glued buttons on the first letter of each word. Don't they look like little sweaters?!

Next, I went to Good Will to look for a wooden frame (no glass or backing- I just wanted the frame) and scored this sucker for just $3.99. 

Then, my assistant and I prepared for some sanding and staining of the fugly yet potential-filled frame. 

I picked up the supplies I need for my "frame face-lift" at Home Depot: Wood stain, brush and sand paper

I sanded the frame down as best I could. The top layer was a goldish paint and beneath that I found something red. Come to think of it, I'm not sure the frame was even real wood, but I continued on anyway...

After staining the frame with several coats and letting it dry overnight, it ended up looking like this. It is by no means perfect but neither am I so who's to judge? But really, I like the way it turned out. You can still see some of the gold undertones but I achieved my overall goal which was to richen it up by making it darker. 

And, as an added bonus, I even sealed in some dog hair, just for good measure. That stuff is constantly flying around these parts so it was near impossible to avoid it. Especially since my assistant was so attentive. Do you see it? 

Here is the finished project hanging in our appartment: 

It turned out just how I had hoped and the best part about our new art piece? The whole thing cost me around $15 to make! Can't beat that. 

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