Aug 24, 2011

Life is oh so good.

Life has certainly picked up around here for me. I started back to work two weeks ago and we have been spending all of our weekends playing in the great outdoors. Here is a little recap of what we've been up to recently. 

Our 2nd wedding anniversary was amazing! We didn't make plans or do anything extravagant but it was perfect. Traditionally, the second year anniversary gift is cotton which symbolizes durability and versatility. For weeks, I racked my brain trying to come up with a creative cotton gift that didn't involve going to the store and buying him a shirt because that's, well, boring.

My first idea was surprising him with a tropical vacation planned for January. I was going to wrap up beach towels and our tickets but then we got news that we won't be back from Wyoming as soon as we expected, so a trip would have to wait.

Then I looked for inspiration online and found this idea from some guy: "Get a bottle of gin and call it good (it is distilled with cotton). Then you can do it between cotton sheets."

Men. So typical.

I kept looking. During this time, Keane and I had a brief conversation while camping where we both agreed that sitting by a fire would be much more comfortable in zero-gravity chairs or a hammock.

Great idea, I thought. Both are cotton and perfect for a man who is hard to buy for. So I ordered them and breathed a sigh of relief that my shopping was done.

Fast forward to our anniversary and what does Keane surprise me with? 2 zero-gravity chairs and a hammock. We bought each other the EXACT same gifts and had a good laugh about it.

 Later in the evening we made one of our favorite dinners together and drove to a secluded spot in the hills to have a jam sesh while watching the sun set. Our eclectic playlist included Darius Rucker, Zion I and Lady Gaga.  It was a perfect night.
This past weekend, we camped in FernGully. Well, it was actually Pinedale, but it may as well have been FernGully. You'll see what I mean in a minute. I was pretty sick on Friday but decided to suck it up and go anyway since we had prepaid for the campsite. Besides a few casualties along the way (our air mattress fell out of the truck somewhere between Eden and Pinedale, a major thunder/lightening/rain storm passed through the campsite just as we were heading to bed, and OMG there were bugs everywhere), we had a great time.

A friend let us borrow his quad so we explored the area. Of course now Keane is hell bent on having one of his own.
When we get our ranch, my love, when we get our ranch.

And please note our new chairs. Aaaaah.

Our campsite was mere steps away from the lake!

See what I mean? FernGully, no?

There you have it. A recap of our recent weeks. 

And now, football is on TV, fall is in the air and my birthday month is quickly approaching! 

Life is oh so good. 

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