Oct 19, 2011

Our return to the homeland

We went home over the weekend for a quick visit with family and friends. Casper is only 4 hours from Denver which seems like the blink of an eye compared to where we lived before. We spent Friday night with our besties, Jon and Kendal, and went out downtown to celebrate my belated birthday and their recent engagement!! These two have been together since high school so it was a long time coming and I couldn't be happier for them. 
Oh! And? Keane is the best man and Kendal asked me to be a bridesmaid! I hope she's OK with me doing the ugly cry in all their wedding photos. 
You've been fairly warned, Kendi-poo. 

Before we headed out, the girls did a little obligatory photo shoot, prom style. 

I quickly pointed out that just because I'm tall doesn't mean I should have to always play the man, so to make me feel better, she did... this...

The cousins were also stoked to see each other and spent the entire night wrestling,

shooting evil glances in each other's direction,

and double teaming Daphne. Poor girl. 

On Saturday, we drove to Boulder for our friends' engagement party (yay Kellie and Jeremy!) and took some time to bask in the glory of an 80 degree, fall day in my favorite town on earth.

Later, we caught up with our families and even got to preview some of our nieces and nephews' halloween costumes. I mean, really. An ice cream cone? Should I eat her all up now or later?

Here's us with my siblings and 4/5ths of their squirming little ones. Not sure how my sister's husband managed his way out of this one...

May I just point out how dashingly handsome my mister is? Man I love my little Spanish Conquistador! 

Our weekend flew by but we managed to maximize time with some of our favorite people. 

And it looks like we'll be playing host and hostess at our place for the next several weekends.
Can't wait for all our visitors!!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Last week I applied for a copywriter/content developer position at an advertising agency and told Keane that if I got the job, I would potentially poop my pants in jubilation/celebration/amazement. 

Well, I applied on Wednesday, interviewed on Thursday, and accepted the job offer on Monday. 

So all that to say, I can neither confirm nor deny my need for a clean pair of shorts earlier this week. 
Just sayin. 

I start Monday!

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