Dec 15, 2011

Thursday Throwback

I had just finished finals week and Christmas was only a couple weeks away. Keane had been spending a lot of time at my house on The Hill since transferring to CU. 

It was a Thursday night. We had been hearing warnings of heavy snow heading our way for days, but didn't think much of it. We were both native Coloradans after all. We welcomed the idea of a big snowstorm! (Keane maybe even more than me)

I remember going to bed the night before it was supposed to hit and waking up to this. 

Epic blizzard in December of 2006
Yes, those white mounds behind Keane are cars, and that is a good 3+ feet of fresh snow piled atop my recycle bin. The weathermen were right and it all happened over night. 

Judging by the women's snow-pants that Keane is wearing in this photo (that didn't zip or button), we weren't at all prepared for this blizzard. 

Everything in our town shut down for a few days. Schools, businesses and roads were closed, flights were cancelled, and the news anchors discouraged anyone from leaving their house if they didn't have to. So we did what any self respecting, mature adults would do in our situation...we dug our way out of the house and trucked it on foot to the nearest liquor store to stalk up on beer for what was sure to be days of isolation. (Four feet of snow didn't stop liquor stores from making a profit off of hundreds of college students within walking distance who had nothing better to do than drink.)

For days, everyone in our neighborhood was out and about: skiing off their roofs (that's right), making snowmen, and sledding down the middle of the streets. With the help of my roommates and some of Keane's friends who managed to find their way to our house, we crafted the most legit igloo in town. 
I'm not kidding. This thing fit three adult males comfortably inside.

To make things even better, the skies decided to open up like this every Friday for the following three weeks.
Needless to say, we had a white Christmas that year.

And it was glorious. 

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