Mar 13, 2012

Keane's Quotables

"What's Metamucil? Should we start drinking that soon? Isn't that what old people drink for their joints? You should probably start now since you have bad hips."

Last night during dinner we were talking about getting older. The fact that our bodies don't work like they did 10 years ago and that we are now closer to 30 than we are to 20. Keane will be turning 27 in a couple months. 27. That is a full-fledged adult in my book. I try not to worry about getting older, but the realization is setting in that each year creeps up faster than the one before and it's kind of scary. 

Aaanyhoo, the moral of this story is that getting older sucks and Keane may or may not start taking Metamucil for his aging joints. 

Until I informed him that Metamucil does not help your joints, it makes you poop.

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