Mar 12, 2012

Spring Fever

Touring Keane's job site after work on Friday; bare ankles and no socks!; my handsome mister during our Saturday walk; Cash sleeping on the stuffing to his bed while I patched the cover; Tebowing; little miss basking in the sunlight; taking a break on our 5 mile bike ride; a pesky little guy I was convinced was trying to bite my ankles; first time back on my bike since surgery!


Temperatures in the upper 50's had us crazed with spring fever all weekend. The weather has a real way of affecting my mood so when the sun is shining and the temps rise, I am a happy girl. There was ice cream eating, driving with the windows down, and long bike rides along the river. 

We're looking forward to a short week and celebrating a very special birthday with our friends in Denver this weekend! 

Hope everyone's days off were wonderful

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